Viridian Entente
Flag of Viridian Entente
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Basic Details
Founded 8 December 2014
Headquarters Africa
Color Green
Active (9 July 2015)

Rank:2 of 137
Treasures: 2

Lord of the Entente Goldie
Duke of the Entente MoonPie
Secretary of Defense Sweeeeet Ronny D
Secretary of State Smooth
Secretary of the Interior Presidential
Secretary of Economics Yoda
Other Official(s)
Deputy Secretaries
Minister of Membership Compliance
Dominus Emeritus (Former Lord)
Parliament Advisors
Active Blocs
MDoAP [[Paragon Bloc (Rose)]]
Active Treaties
MDoAP The Dragon & The Wolf (United Purple Nations)
MDP The Rock of Viridia Treaty (Cornerstone)
Protectorate North American Confederacy

The Viridian Entente (abbreviated to VE) often also called simply as The Entente is a relatively young but large alliance in the green sphere.

It is currently ranked as #2 in the alliance rankings.



The Viridian Entente was founded in Orbis on 8 December 2014 with players of the same alliance from another nation simulation. Within two months, VE was the largest alliance in Orbis. The Viridian Entente has fought in one major war known as The Great VE War. During this war, the Entente was attacked by Mensa HQ, Guardian, Seven Kingdoms, and Terminus Est. (Terminus Est did not formally declare war, and they later declared war against Seven Kingdoms) Then, VE's allies and nearly every other large alliance declared war against the axis.


Government StructureEdit

The Viridian Entente's government is divided into two branches: the Executive which is the Lord of the Entente, and the Legislative which is the Parliament comprised of the Secretaries of Defense, State, Interior, and Economics.

Current GovernmentEdit

Foreign RelationsEdit

List of TreatiesEdit


The Viridian Entente prides itself in being capable of deterring foreign threats. The Entente however has a comparatively young military history with a short list of wars participated in.

The Entente constantly deals with rogues, ghosts, and raiders either independently or with coordination with its partner alliances.

List of WarsEdit