Nationality 20px Czech
National rank 95
Date of birth 20 April 2008
Residence Northern Bohemia, Poland
Sex Male
President of Czech Republic
2 July 2008 – 1 August 2008
Preceded by Yugi
Succeeded by Baci
6 December 2008 – 5 January 2009
Preceded by Shanethe13
Succeeded by Red Duck
Congress member of Czech Republic
Rank 20px Lt Colonel
Vaclav (formerly known as Emperor Constantine) is the founder of the National Czech Party and a former President of the Czech Republic. Vaclav is infamous for his exaggerated and melodramatic posts on the eRepublik Forum, which have earned him a reputation as a drama queen. In fact, owing to the frequency and content of his postings, he is considered by some the biggest spammer in the history of the game.


 I am Vaclav, the Knight of the Czech Republic. I am here to kill everyone who threatens our country. 
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Vaclav was born on Day 152 of the New World (April 20, 2008). Reine gave him some cash to start a number of successful companies in the food and hospital sectors. Vaclav was a member of various political parties, including Nordreich Czechia, the Social Democratic Party, and Unified Republic, before founding his own party. In May of 2008 he was appointed the leader of a Czech militia. During the war with Hungary he saved the Czech Republic from a corrupt president and distributed food rations among the Czech population.

After the conclusion of the Czech-Hungarian War, Vaclav traveled the world, assisting the Slovaks, Poles, Germans, and Russians in their liberation wars. Subsequently, he served as Minister of Defense of Slovenia for one month. Finally, Vaclav returned to the Czech Republic, where he was elected President for a second term.

Military credentialsEdit

  • Militia Commander of the Czech Republic
  • Commander of the Czech army
  • Minster of Defense of Slovenia
  • Battle Hero (1×)
  • Resistance Hero (1×)

Political CareerEdit

  • President of the Czech Republic (2 terms)
  • Party President (3 terms)
  • Congressman (7 terms)