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The Chronicles of Dio
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First Chronicle

Of Socialist International

It was not yet three months since Mensa had arrived, they had not even yet finished their homes when the Snow struck for the first time.

The Snow used Socialist International as it's tool, it had long since consumed the people. Leaving them as empty husks who labored in the factories, the Snow leaching their every penny from the shadows. Watched by leaders corrupted by greed with no knowledge of themselves & over these was Hereno.

Such was it when a group of Dioists traveling in search of friendship & spreading the love of Dio happened by. Seeing the people so stricken by Snow, the Dioists resolved to aid them. Armed with Sand & the protection of Dio they wrent a large portion of the people's wealth from the corrupt leaders, but the Snow was soon upon them & they were forced to retreat to their own lands being to few in number.

Hereno, came upon Pfeiffer in great fury, demanding that the money be given into his care. Pfeiffer refused saying that the money was the people's & not Hereno's to fill his coffers & that the money would only be given over to the people of Socialist International.

Consumed by rage Hereno attacked Pfeiffer, but was struck down. Enraged by this unjust attack on their leader, The Mensites assembled themselves into a great host & marched upon Socialist International. So great was their wrath that not one of the corrupt leaders was left, nor one trace of the Snow to be found with in hours of their attack.

Freed of the Snow's influence the people Socialist International, departed from their lands in search of new homes for the Snow had made great fens of rotting things unfit for any kind of life. A great part of the people joined the Dioists & embraced the love of Dio. Thus Socialist International was no more & the Snow forced to seek a new place to fester.