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General Rank 17
Anthem Indonesia Raya
Motto Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity)
Language Bahasa Indonesia, English, and local dialects
Population 2,868
Capital Java
Current President Admiral Proudmoore
Political Party Partai Kami Sama
Currency 20px Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
Inflation 1.22 %
Minimum salary 20px 5 IDR
Average salary 20px 24.99 IDR
Food bonus 60%
Weapon bonus 80%
Conquered Countries 3
Territories 10
Soldiers 2055
Last update May 05th, 2014 by Wisnu LA

Indonesia is an archipelago in Southeast Asia which lies along the equator between Asia and Australia, and also between the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Indonesia compromises 7 original regions. Indonesia is a republic, with an elected congress and president. The country, when it owns its original regions, shares borders with Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Australia, and USA.

File:Icon alliance signed.gif.png History Edit

Main article: History of Indonesia

Indonesia was created on the 22nd of November 2007. Its first citizen was Isnuwardana[1]. His first action was setting up the very first Indonesian company, PT Sehat (now Yayasan Sehat), a hospital company. On the next day, PT Golizen Persada (now Rumah Sehat Lima Sempurna) was founded by his friend. On the 23rd, Indonesia had its first newspaper, Heavenly Living, and its first publication from Berita Sehat. Realizing that Indonesia needed a food company, PT Harapan Wijaya (now under the brand Chocolate & Roses) was established. Isnuwardana sold PT Sehat to Swastyayana, put it on hold, then worked in PT Harapan Wijaya to provide food for Indonesia.
Realizing that Indonesia had no government whatsoever, and also preparing for the upcoming General Election, ayoe_f_r established the Narcissist (NCS) party on the 27th, while sulistiowidodo founded the Amazing Great Indonesian Party (AGIP) the day after[1]. At that time NCS consisted mostly citizen coming from forum, while the other joined AGIP. On the 3rd of December 2007, Indonesia established its first government, led by ayoe_f_r from NCS, who won the election, and become the first president of Indonesia. The Congress of Indonesia consisted of only 2 people back then, isnuwardana from NCS and sulistiowidodo from AGIP. Various political events occurred the following weeks and months, including the foundation of Indonesian Defensive Socialist, Partai Rakyat Merdeka, and Partai Republik eIndonesia.
On March 2008 discussion began between the people of Indonesia about forming a military organization. On 25 March 2008 Angkatan Bersenjata eRepublik Indonesia was founded[1]. Among the citizens contributing to the formation of ABeRI are irfanisback, telorkuda, Jeverag, vand, silentcross, and Sandygee. It's first military operation were held on 14 April, 2008, as Indonesia officially launch Operation Kangaroo, the first ever Indonesian offensive action, and the first of the upcoming chain of Indonesian-Australian wars, which lasted until today. By the 18 April 2008 every Australian territories were annexed by Indonesia. In the course of it's history Indonesia would launch war against many more countries, in it's mission to "span it's wings over 5 continents". Among it's other early conquests were South Africa and Argentina.
On April 30 Indonesia launched an attempted political takeover aimed at South Africa. It turned out to be the "largest non-bloody war of eRepublik" yet, as international community attempted to assist South Africa in the struggle against Indonesian PTOers[1]. mamangbakso, Indonesia's candidate in the South African election, eventually won. The following month witness Indonesia's attempt to reason with the international community on it's act against South Africa.
On the 26 August 2008 Indonesia formally signed the charter of PEACE GC, and so Indonesia became the official member of PEACE GC. Since then Indonesia has become an active member of it, participating in many battles of PEACE GC. Until it's dissolution, Indonesia would fight along the alliance against ATLANTIS and their successor, EDEN, in the event of (many) World war(s).
October witnessed the implementation of V1, and the Indonesian community was badly shaken. Many criticize the change of features available in V1, among them the implementation of raw materials and the trivia. Many players left the game, after founding out the fact that the very core of the game would be determined by their knowledge of "France's current real-life president, for example"[1].

File:Map - China-Indonesia war - May 22 2011.png

February 2009 witnessed Indonesian campaign toward South Asia, in a series of region swapping between Indonesia, Iran, and Pakistan, occurring in India and China. The climax was the acquiring of the Chinese region of Xinjiang, a region that borders Western Siberia (at the time still called West Siberian Region), a Russian region annexed by Romania at the time. Soon war broke out between Romania and it's allies and Indonesia and it's allies for sovereignty over Western Siberia, at the time the most highly-valued region in the world. The war became the bloodiest war in the history of eRepublik at the time, and Indonesian forces eventually defeated Romanian forces. Following the war, Indonesia become one of the strongest nation in eRepublik at the time. The war would be continued in May 2009, where Romania advanced towards Chinese and Indian region, before being held at Andhra Pradesh, followed by Indonesian counterattack. In an act of revenge, Romanian people stormed Indonesia in the first attempted political takeover against Indonesia, where Indonesia managed to overcome it with a slight difference in the number of seats gained in congress.
The last months of 2009 witnessed many changes in Indonesia, including the ill-fated invasion of USA, return of Western Siberia, and resignation from PEACE. Indonesia would later joined the newly-founded Phoenix.
2010 witnessed various proxy wars in Southeast Asia, particularly Malaysian and Philippines territories. For the first time USA enters Southeast Asia and attacked Indonesia. Among it's largest accomplishment -much to the shock of the Indonesian communities- were the annexation of Sumatra, the first time an Indonesian region annexed by a foreign force. It was, however soon retaken.
Recent history saw a decrease in power compared to Indonesia in 2008 and 2009, with Indonesian military operations limited to Southeast Asia and Australia, as eRepublik witnessed the rise of new powers, including Poland, the Baltic States, and others. The most prominent event were the Invasion of China, where Indonesian forces suffered the worst loss in its history. Indonesian forces finally successfully secured Maluku Islands on May 22, 2011, before launching a successful counterattack. In November, Indonesia in Kertajaya leadership had successful maintained the Power & Resources and got 100% Resources. In December kalkir, the next president was trying to maintain the resources, but Brazil, & South Africa can wiped them from South Africa, after that China came from north and attack Indonesia, because of that kalkir was impeached. As replacement, mrrasyid became the President and but failed to protect Indonesia from being wiped out from the map after a long struggle. This is the first story of Indonesia & eRepublik, the Longest Nation had wiped out from the map, with needed 1,506 days to wiped.

On day 2029, Indonesia launched it's first airstrike. Indonesia chose Iran as the target of the airstrike to help Macedonia from Iran attack by draining Iran's damage in the battle. Indonesia gain control of Sistan and Baluchistan & Balochistan, but later lost Sistan and Baluchistan and Balochistan shortly after.

Indonesia, the last nation standing on Circle of Trust got wiped out in the end of World War VI by Poland, forcing CoT to be disbanded and victory for TWO.

File:Icon - Congress.jpg Government and politics Edit

Head of StateEdit

Indonesia is a presidential republic state, with president as the head of state and head of government.

Indonesia Cabinet Edit

People's Representative CouncilEdit

The Indonesian People's Representative Council -- Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat (DPR) -- (also known as congress), is directly elected by the people of Indonesia. Along with the government, the PRC organizes regular meetings discussing various national problems. The PRC usually consist of 4-6 political parties.

Congress Resignation PenaltyEdit

Starting February 5, 2010 or Day 808 of the New World, the Indonesian government has taken steps to sanction every congressman/woman resigning from his/her office. This was a measure taken to prevent an elected congress member from "running away" from his/her duty and to prevent citizens running for congress only for the gold given by the Congress Member Medal.[2]

  • Morale Penalty
Intended to give a morale sanction to the congress member, as well as to warn the people about his/her resignation. Morale penalty are executed by media articles.
  • Financial Penalty ( fines )
Instead of fining the congress member, the government will fine the political party the congress member originated from. This was intended to make the party choose their candidate better in later elections.

Political PartiesEdit

Indonesia has many political parties. Each formed with it's own unique background, the political parties also became a forum for Indonesian communities. Usually a group of political parties act as an opposition to the ruling government, giving a sense of balance, therefore stabilizing the government and preventing them from abusing their power. The active Indonesian parties are:

Logo Party Abb Rank Description
50px Golongan Kaskus Golkus 1 A party made of newbies from Kaskus. This party grew very fast due to the high level of eRepublik players from that website. It has more than 500 members.
50px Partai IDS IDS 2 Formed in December 19 2007 by om_mudakir and Narawastu. This party was formed by people who were disappointed by the government at that time. This party attracted many new players and became the largest party in Indonesia for a long time.
50px Partai Republik eIndonesia PReI 3 Formed in 10 August 2008. This party was once called Partai Suka-Suka but was later taken over by a group of gamers, the most famous ones being (Bima, aban, handray, sukm, and bulubaok).
50px Front Pancasila Frontal 4 A new party formed in December 2009. Have a good relationship with Golongan Kaskus. The members of this party often criticize the government.
50px Partai Komunis eIndonesia PKeI 5 Formed in 11 March 2008. This party mimics the Real Life Communist Party of Indonesia. It has been long known to be unfriendly to the IDS. See GESTAPU.
50px AoI Family AoI 6 A new party formed in 15 May 2010 by AeArc. The members was very active and its member called as "Waria" (Waria : Warrior of Indonesia, not to be confused with Waria)
50px Partai Kami Sama PKS 7 A new party formed in March 2009 by ivan torada. This party grew quickly due to its superb organization, and were able to dominate the congress many times.
50px Partai Rakyat MerdekaPRM 8 Formed 12 January 2008 by hudiyawan, flik_kenni, telorkuda, semarangindah, and habisi_aku. Just like IDS, this party was formed due to the disappointment of the government at that time. PRM is the only party to hold a trademark in its name.
50px Narcissist NCS 16 Formed by Ayoe_f_r, Narcissist was the first party in Indonesia. Along with the AGIP, they were the first parties to settle an Indonesian government. It was the second largest party in Indonesia on its golden age.
50px Partai Nasionalis eIndonesia PNeI Unknown Founded in 14 February 2011 by Jendral Besar AH Nasution, Grossadmiral, aimond07 and regtnt. This party former was the remaining (Survived) members of Nasionalis Sosialis eIndonesia party that regroup and establish this party. Now known to be friendly with Front Pancasila, Golongan Kaskus, Indonesian Democratic Socialist and Allies of Indonesia.
50px Golongan Netral Indonesia Golnet Unknown Found in Sep 17 2010 by ravimalekinth15this party created for It upholds peace to all political camps & classes in eIndonesia. This party is a place for those who do not want to create conflict, not in favor of one side, and does not impose peace.
50px Partai eIndonesia Bersatu PeIB unknown PeIB was found on June 15th 2013. It was formed by majority of newcomers who often shown on IRC. High spirits from the presidents of the party always support PeIB until it gain enough members and become one of the top 10 parties in Indonesia.

File:Icon Field Marshal.jpg Foreign relations and militaryEdit

Main articles: TNeI and ABeRI

Long time ago, Indonesia has National Military Unit, Angkatan Bersenjata eRepublik Indonesia (ABeRI). But on December 2011, because of internal conflict between several ABeRI Members and the government in that time, ABeRI was quit as National Military Unit into Independent Military unit.

After several month without National Military, on June 2012, the President at that time formed & established a new National Military Unit, Tentara Nasional eIndonesia. This Military Units also a symbol of Unite between Independent Military Units in Indonesia, to make better Indonesia, TNeI has 4 Main Military Unit assorted by level (Division on Battle Fields), the 4 Main Military Unit is Capung (For Division 1), Batik (For Division 2), Baja (For Division 3), ELITE (For Division 4). After TNeI refurbishment to make it simple, it is now only divided into two, which are Tentara Nasional eIndonesia and Capung Military Academy. Later, because the name "Capung" is copyright of ABeRI, it changed to TNeI - AKMIL.


See also: FIST, PEACE, Phoenix, ONE, CoT, and Aurora

Indonesia is currently a member of Aurora Alliance. Indonesia still maintain friendly relationships with former members of CoT, ONE, and TWO members. Indonesia is the former member of Phoenix, PEACE GC, FIST, ONE, and CoT[3].

20px Phoenix File:Icon-Argentina.png File:Icon-Brazil.png File:Icon-France.png File:Icon-Estonia.png
December 4, 2009 - February 2011File:Icon-Hungary.png File:Icon-Indonesia.png File:Icon-Iran.png File:Icon-Lithuania.png
Reason of Withdrawal : -File:Icon-Portugal.png File:Icon-Russia.png File:Icon-Serbia.png File:Icon-Slovenia.png
Reason of Dissolution : Alliance collapseFile:Icon-UK.png File:Icon-Germany.png File:Icon-Netherlands.png File:Icon-Turkey.png
20px PEACE File:Icon-Argentina.png File:Icon-Austria.png File:Icon-Bolivia.png File:Icon-Brazil.png File:Icon-Bulgaria.png File:Icon-Chile.png
August 26-November 19, '08-'09File:Icon-Colombia.png File:Icon-Estonia.png File:Icon-Germany.png File:Icon-Greece.png File:Icon-Hungary.png File:Icon-Indonesia.png
Reason of Withdrawal : Indonesia-Malaysia warFile:Icon-Iran.png File:Icon-Italy.png File:Icon-Japan.png File:Icon-Latvia.png File:Icon-Lithuania.png File:Icon-Mexico.png
Reason of Dissolution : Alliance collapseIcon-Pakistan File:Icon-Paraguay.png File:Icon-Philippines.png File:Icon-Portugal.png File:Icon-Russia.png File:Icon-Serbia.png
File:Icon-Slovenia.png File:Icon-Ukraine.png File:Icon-United Kingdom.png File:Icon-United Netherlands.png File:Icon-Uruguay.png File:Icon-Venezuela.png
FIST File:Icon-Iran.png File:Icon-Turkey.png
May 29-August 26, 2008Icon-Pakistan File:Icon-Japan.png
Reason of Withdrawal : -File:Icon-Indonesia.png File:Icon-Greece.png
Reason of Dissolution : unification to Peace GC
20px ONE File:Icon-Serbia.png File:Icon-Poland.png File:Icon-Sweden.png
February of 2011 - 4th August 2012File:Icon-Spain.png File:Icon-Hungary.png File:Icon-Slovenia.png
Reason of Withdrawal : -File:Icon-Iran.png File:Icon-Indonesia.png
Reason of Dissolution : Alliance CollapseFile:Icon-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).png File:Icon-United Kingdom.png
20px CoT File:Icon-Bulgaria.png File:Icon-Chile.png File:Icon-New Zealand.png File:Icon-Peru.png
June 22, 2012 - November 4, 2013File:Icon-Switzerland.png File:Icon-Republic of Moldova.png File:Icon-South Korea.png File:Icon-USA.png
Reason of Withdrawal : -File:Icon-Belgium.png File:Icon-Indonesia.png File:Icon-Russia.png File:Icon-Paraguay.png
Reason of Dissolution : Admit defeat to TWOFile:Icon-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).png File:Icon-Japan.png File:Icon-Germany.png File:Icon-Mexico.png
20px Aurora File:Icon-Bulgaria.png File:Icon-Chile.png
March 3, 2014File:Icon-Indonesia.png File:Icon-Paraguay.png
Reason of Withdrawal : -File:Icon-Germany.png File:Icon-Ireland.png
Reason of Dissolution : -File:Icon-Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).png

Foreign relationsEdit

The following table lists nations that are allied to and hostile towards Indonesia, and the list of Indonesia's recent natural enemies.

Allied Hostile Natural Enemy
Start Date Country Reason

13 December 2011

20px Croatia

Second Indonesia-Croatia War

19 June 2011

20px USA

Coordinated invasion

10 June 2011

20px India

Training war

6 June 2011

20px Australia

Reconquest of

2 June 2011

20px Philippines

Reconquest of

File:Icon conquered.jpg Administrative divisionsEdit

Indonesia consists of 7 original regions. Wars brought various territorial changes to Indonesia. Indonesia have had controls over regions of Thailand, India, South Africa, Argentina, Colombia, New Zealand, China, Pakistan, Russia, and USA in the past.

Indonesian main islandsEdit

As stated above, Indonesia consists of 7 original regions, two of them consist of archipelagos. Indonesia's only land borders are with Malaysia in Kalimantan, East Timor in Timor Island, and Papua New Guinea in Papua (the last two countries currently not added) . All of Indonesia's main islands are within the C5 moving zone.

Country Main Region City Source
30px Sumatra Medan 30px
30px Java File:Icon-capital.gif Jakarta 30px
30px Sulawesi Palu 30px
30px Kalimantan Samarinda 30px
30px Lesser Sunda Islands Mataram 30px
30px Maluku Islands Ambon 30px
30px Papua Jayapura 30px

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To cover Indonesia's lack of weapon resources, Indonesia has launched military expeditions against neighboring countries. The following table lists Indonesia's current colonies.

Original Country Region Source
30px Mindanao 30px
30px Sabah 30px
30px Western Australia 30px

File:Icon issue.gif EconomyEdit


Indonesia is a country with a high Gross Domestic Product and a large sum of Gold and national currency in it's treasury. Indonesia's strongest sector is the Food sector. This once led to competitions and price wars in several countries such as in the United Kingdom, Japan, and Iran. It has also led to a deflation crisis within the Indonesian market.
Indonesia's central bank is known as the National Bank of eIndonesia.


(Last Update: May 5th, 2013)

Indonesia's current tax rates:

Product Work Tax Import Tax VAT
25px Food5%5%
25px Weapon5%5%
25px Food raw material99% -
25px Weapon raw material99% -
25px House raw material -
Product Work Tax Import TaxVAT
25px Tickets99%25%
25px Houses
25px Hospitals1%1%
25px Defense system1%1%

Natural ResourcesEdit

Indonesia is generally rich of renewable resource, with exception of Sumatra, which is rich of oil. The following table lists resources available in Indonesia. In bold are Indonesia's original territories.

(Last Update: May 5th, 2014)

     Resource       Regions
40px Grain Not available
File:Icon - Deer.png Deer Not available
File:Icon - Fish.png Fish Lesser Sunda Islands, Maluku Islands
File:Icon - Cattle.png Cattle Java, Sulawesi
File:Icon - Fruits.png Fruits Sabah
File:Icon - Iron.png Iron Mindanao
File:Icon - Aluminum.png Aluminum Not available
File:Icon - Saltpeter.png Saltpeter Western Australia
40px Oil Sumatra
File:Icon - Rubber.png Rubber Papua, Kalimantan
40px Sand Not available
40px Clay Not available
40px Wood Not available
40px Limestone Not available
40px Granite Not available

Country Trading EmbargoesEdit

(Last Update: May 5th, 2014)

Indonesia proposes to stop the trade with following nations :

File:Icon position politics president.gif DemographicsEdit


File:Indonesia Pop 09 12.jpg
File:Indonesia pop nov 2010.png

Indonesia was a home to various peoples from non-existent Asian countries, such as Malaysia. After Australia was taken over by Indonesia, several Australians stayed, which further added to the population. The same has happened, albeit only in part, to South Africa as well, with a few South African citizens staying in their conquered territories. The first population boom in Indonesia started at December 15th, 2007. The second population boom started during and after the Indonesia-Australia War, in mid April 2008.
Indonesia experienced a brief decline in population during the transition from Beta to V1. Many Indonesian population critizise the addition of the trivia, and decided to leave the game.
Indonesia was also home to various allies such as Hungary and Serbia. Hungarians came to Indonesia after Hungary itself was annexed by Romania in the event of World War I. Serbs came to Indonesia after their babyboom -- which resulted in mass unemployment and other problems in Serbia -- in search for jobs. By the time both countries solved their problems, they went back home, resulting in a decrease of the Indonesian population.
Indonesia's population declined starting from the loss of California in September until President Wonder Forward's term in November, when Indonesia's population started to stabilize and increase following the emigration of foreign allies and the subsequent babyboom. Currently the population of Indonesia mainly consists of Indonesians, but is also home to various citizens from various non-existent countries.


The de facto official language of Indonesia is Bahasa Indonesia, mostly written in informal form. People who speak English can be understood by most Indonesians; however, not many people can generally write in English fluently.


Indonesia has an active media sector. Most Indonesian news are on topic and affiliated only with eRepublik thanks to the junk censorship from the Ministry of Media, nonetheless there are still some junk news published by media newcomers. The Indonesian government also frequently publishes news to the public, usually about events, wars, and national conditions.

File:Icon - national goals set.jpg National GoalsEdit

File:Selamat datang.jpg

National goals set by the president of Indonesia usually consist of moderate social and economical growth, with varying military goals. Social and economical growth is usually set at 5%-20% increase in population and GDP, respectively. Different president has different military goals. Presidents that play safe usually simply targeted the safety of Indonesian regions, while more ambitious leaders aims as far as Hawaii and/or China.


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External LinksEdit

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  3. Official Facebook Fan Page
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