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General Rank 36
Anthem "O Canada"
Language English, Français
Population 884
Current President DMV3
Political Party Canadian Progressive Front
Currency 20px Canadian Dollar (CAD)
Minimum salary 20px 1.0 CAD
Average salary 20px 27.16 CAD
Food bonus 0%
Weapon bonus 0%
Conquered Countries None
Territories 13
Chat Canada's IRC Chat
Last update August 23, 2014 by Dozzer X

Canada is a country located in the northern regions of North America. It borders 20px USA to the south and 20px UK, 20px Ireland and 20px Portugal to the west, through the region of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Canada was among the original countries of eRepublik, being added to the game on 20 November 2007.

Geography Edit

Canada is the country occupying most of northern North America, extending from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west and northward into the Arctic Ocean. It shares common borders along its southern border with the 20px USA, on its western border with the United States of America again, and on its eastern border with 20px Ireland,20px United Kingdom, and 20px France.

Regions Edit

Canada has 13 native regions. Canadian regions are very well-balanced. Canada has an abundance of Fish and Cattle but sadly no grain regions, but luckily Canada has 1 iron region. The most populous regions of Canada are Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec.


The original territory of Canada is composed of several regions: AlbertaOntarioQuebecYukonNewfoundland and LabradorNew BrunswickPrince Edward IslandManitobaSaskatchewanBritish ColumbiaNorthwest TerritoriesNunavut, and Nova Scotia.

Its current territories are listed below:

Original Owner Resource
New Brunswick File:Icon-capital.gif 25px 25px Cattle
Alberta 25px 25px Wood
British Columbia 25px 25px Deer
Manitoba 25px 25px Granite
Newfoundland and Labrador 25px 25px Fish
North West of England 25px 25px Iron
Northwest Territories 25px 25px Fish
Nova Scotia 25px 25px Fish
Nunavut 25px 25px Fish
Ontario 25px 25px Aluminum
Prince Edward Island 25px 25px Deer
Quebec 25px 25px Iron
Saskatchewan 25px 25px Cattle
Wales 25px 25px Iron
West Midlands 25px 25px Iron
Yukon 25px 25px Clay


     Resource       Regions
40px Grain Not available
File:Icon - Deer.png Deer British Columbia, Prince Edward IslandManitoba
File:Icon - Fish.png Fish Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut
File:Icon - Cattle.png Cattle Alberta, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan
File:Icon - Fruits.png Fruits Not available
File:Icon - Iron.png Iron Not available
File:Icon - Aluminum.png Aluminum Ontario, Yukon
File:Icon - Saltpeter.png Saltpeter Not available
40px Oil Not available
File:Icon - Rubber.png Rubber Not available
40px Sand Not available
40px Clay Not available
40px Wood Not available
40px Limestone Not available
40px Granite Not available

File:Icon position politics partymember.gif Society Edit

The Canadian population is made up of various real life denominations, though many eCanadians are Canadian in real life, as well. Canada also attracts many immigrants from other countries who are looking for high wages or are fleeing their PTO'd country.

Official Languages Edit

The official languages of Canada are English and French. While both official, English is predominant in the media and most other Canada related channels.

Differences between English speakers and French speakers have created issues in the past and has led to the creation of entities such as the Ministry of Official Languages and l'Office Francophone which have since been discontinued.

Social Initiatives Edit

Order of CanadaEdit

The Order of Canada, established to recognise Canada's most dedicated citizens, in one of Adam Sutler's final actions as President on August 24, 2008. The Order was rekindled by President Jacobi on August 28 to recognize citizens during World War III.

Canadian Dollars from August 22, 2008 were adorned with several Canadian citizens in recognition of their efforts to Canada.

Canadian Victory Cross Edit

Four months after the War of Nave's Toe was finally ended by the signing of a peace treaty between Canada and the USA, then-President Adam Sutler in one of his final gestures as President awarded the Canadian Victory Cross to those who fought above and beyond the call of duty to secure Canada's freedom.

Order of Military MeritEdit

On October 5, outgoing Canadian President Jacobi instituted the Order of Military Merit, a special recognition for members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

File:Id-gm-big.gif EconomyEdit

The currency in Canada is the Canadian Dollar (CAD) 18px.

30px Tax RatesEdit

Product Work Tax Import Tax VAT
25px Food0%10%12%
25px Weapon0%10%12%
25px Food raw material0%99% -
25px Weapon raw material0%99% -
25px House raw material0%0% -
Product Work Tax Import TaxVAT
25px Tickets0%20%12%
25px Houses0%20%12%
25px Hospitals0%1%1%
25px Defense system0%1%1%
  • Last update: 16 May 2012

30px Trading EmbargoesEdit

Canada currently has trading embargoes against:

This country doesn't have any trading embargoes at the moment.

30px Minimum WageEdit

The Minimum wage in Canada is 1.20 CAD.

File:Militaryicon.png MilitaryEdit

Canadian Military UnitsEdit

The Government of Canada helps fund many different military units. Military units are highly organized fighting forces within a country. In Canada military units are based on game-play style, political views or for greater concentrated damage.

The top 5 Military Units within Canada are:

The Captains of Industry is led by Goran Thrax. It currently has 171 members. The military unit consists of 6 regiments.

Cordis Die is led by Flashgun. It currently has 42 members. The military unit consists of 2 regiments.

The Canadian Armed Forces is led by Xichael. It currently has 281 members. The military unit consists of 20 regiments.

Pickle's Patriots is led by Thedillpickl. It currently has 23 members. The military unit consists of 1 regiment.

The Crimson Retirement Home are led by J. Robert Calder. It currently has 36 members. The military unit consists of 6 regiments.

Note: This section frequently changes

File:Fight-war.gif Current WarsEdit

Canada is currently at war with: N/A

File:Icon - Congress.jpg PoliticsEdit

Government StructureEdit


Constitution of CanadaEdit

See also: The Evolution of a Constitution

Canada is governed by the Constitution of Canada which defines the rights of Canadians & the duties of the Government that leads them. The first document was the brainchild of one of Canada's most popular Presidents, Adam Sutler. It took him many months to draft and underwent intensive debate to define the details, especially the roles & duties of the Canadian Government, being that of the President, Canadian Ministers, Congress & even it s Mayors. It was made an official document on August 7. 2008 through the signing of President Adam Sutler, the Admin of Erepublik & the Mayors of Canada at the time.

With the release of V1, the document became obsolete after many game structure changes. The Canadian government, therefore, decided it to be time to write a new constitution. Minister of Communication at the time (Bruck), took it upon himself to write the document back in mid-October. The new constitution was finished by January 2009 and ratified by admins and congress on January 23, 2009. As time progressed, the change over to V2 came about, which again lead to calls for constitutional reform, in response Congress created the Constitutional Reform Team, which is currently debating and developing the new Constitution of Canada.


Prime Ministers of CanadaEdit

See also: Prime Ministers of Canada

Current President and CabinetEdit

The current President of Canada is DMV3 of the Canadian Progressive Front'. The Cabinet is as follows:

Office Name Party In office since Term end
Prime Minister I-Bleed-Blue-93 MDP 6 August 2014
Minister of Defence Xichael CPF 6 August 2014
Minister of Foreign Affairs Klop123 CPF 12 July 2014
Minister of Education Xander Kross MDP 6 August 2014
Governor Bryan Alexander CPF 6 May 2014


The Congress of Canada operates through the Congress implemented through the eRepublik system. Congressmen are elected on the twenty-fifth of each month. The entirety of Congress operations are conducted through the eCanadian forums. A Speaker is elected out of each newly elected Senate who operates as the moderator of debates and the manager of bills and voting.

Current CongressEdit

Main article: Congress of Canada

There are a total of 40 seats that make up Congress.

The June 2014 Congressional election had 40 Canadians elected to Congress.







The Canadian Progressive Front

Military Dictatorship Party

United Front

Parti Francophone Canadien

Imperial Wolves

Political PartiesEdit

There are many political parties in Canada, many of which have changed names multiple times throughout Canada's history.

Major Political PartiesEdit

Logo Party Name Abbreviation Party President Political Orientation Political Ideology Members
55px The Canadian Progressive Front CPF Klop123 Center-right Libertarian 118
55px United Front - Prince Sheogorath Far Left Libertarian 78
55px Military Dictatorship Party MDP Jason Welsh Far right Totalitarian 62
55px Parti Francophone Canadien PFC Utat Center Libertarian 46
55px Imperial Wolves IW Punisher 1389 Center Right Authoritarian 44

Minor Political PartiesEdit

For a full listing of all political parties in Canada, please see the in-game rankings.

File:Icon alliance signed.gif.png Foreign AffairsEdit

Canada paid the price for being isolationist early on and it was not until the War of Nave's Toe that Canada realized it needed to place Foreign Affairs as a top priority for its survival.

The primary provider of support during the War of Nave's Toe was Romania, who forged Canada's first MPP in April 2008. From 2008 Canada continued to gain support on the world stage, in being a member of the Mediterranean Alliance & also forging MPPs with all of its bordering countries, including former enemy, the USA. Currently Canada has MPP's with many EDEN and Terra countries. It has also befriended two former enemies, Indonesia and Bulgaria.


Canada became the first & only non-European member of the now defunct Mediterranean Alliance on May 20, 2008. Since the breakdown of the MA, Canada became a member of the ATLANTIS alliance under President Cottus Arci in late September 2008. When ATLANTIS was dissolved, Canada first became a member of Fortis, and then in August 2009, the first and only non-European member of EDEN and then in May 2012 Canada left EDEN . It is currently not in an alliance.


30 px Natural enemy 30 px Active wars 30 px Active wars

File:Icon position media pressdirector.gif HistoryEdit

Chucky Norris has written series of articles about history of Canada. These articles can be found here: From the Archives of eCanada.

Military HistoryEdit

War of Nave's Toe (USA-Canada War)Edit

April 11, 2008 - April 26, 2008

One of the first wars in eRepublik. eUnited States planned a surprise attack on Canada but thanks to the help of foreign freedom fighters and strong will of Canadians, the battle ended in a rough stalemate.

Hungary-Czech Republic WarEdit

June 01, 2008 - June 23, 2008

Canada was not directly involved, instead President Adam Sutler offered Hungary the offensive help of the Canadian Rangers. This was their maiden mission and it was a considered a success.

The French Fry War (Canada-France War)Edit

December 2008 - June 2010

The Scotia War (Great War of 2009)Edit

July 13, 2009 - June 2010

Initially, the Hungarian "training war" in Scotland was seen as a direct threat to the safety and security of Canada, since it opened up a direct path to North America. Then, after two months of cautious peace, France launched a massive, PEACE-backed invasion of Nova Scotia instead. At the same time, a Russian invasion of Alaska attacked the Pacific coast, opening a two front war against North America. Nova Scotia fell, and the invasion moved on into Prince Edward Island without pause. This was the first time that an enemy captured a Canadian province since the Can-Am War. The Russian offensive was beaten back, but at the cost of losing the battle for PEI. An American counter-attack against occupied Nova Scotia delayed further French advances.

EDEN/Terra-ONE (World War V)Edit

2011- Present Canada was a EDEN and Terra member till Day 1653 of the new world when Congress and the President's Cabinet had decided being in both EDEN and Terra was very difficult to manage and EDEN was having many conflicts and the President Sperry agreed that it would be best so Canada left EDEN but will still be Fighting against ONE as a TERRA member.

Political HistoryEdit

See also: Government Structure of Canada

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